You can leave your room 10 mins before class if you stay here

I studied in INTI Subang from November 2014 to May 2018. During this period, I stayed in two places near campus. One was within walking distance from campus and the other one was like a 10 mins drive.

When I first moved to INTI Subang, I was a transfer student from the United States. Most of my classmates were freshmen who had been on campus for at least three months. And, myself? I was completely lost, as I missed the orientation. Hence, I wanted to be more involved in campus activities.

For this reason, I chose to stay in a place opposite INTI Subang, MyPlace Apartment. I paid RM700.00 for a single room. There are pros and cons staying here. I stayed here for close to three years, and here is my take on this place:


  • No transport cost at all - My parents live in KL, but I choose to stay in Subang to avoid traffic jams which in my opinion, would be a complete waste of time.
  • Saves my time - I can be on campus or with friends till very late, and not worried so much on getting safely home.
  • Food everywhere - It was super convenient and within walking distance to restaurants and we used to have Asia Cafe. During exam season, McDonalds was super convenient! However, I do not encourage anyone to consume fast food haha.
  • We can cook - Sometimes, when you’re sick of the outside food, this was only an option
  • Inviting friends was easy - Well, it is opposite campus, so yea, convenient for study groups or gossiping.


  • The building is old - like 20 years old
  • Frequent water disruptions - something always happening with the tanks
  • Cockroaches - sometimes, we face unexpected visitors, but this is where we learn about teamwork!
  • No gym - so yea, unless you like running in smelly environment (SS15 had that drain smell in general), I suggest the franchise fitness centers in malls
  • No lift - I was lucky that I got the ground floor unit, but oh well, if you get the third or fourth floor, cardio everyday!
  • Students consider the space costly - it was okay for me although it took all of my scholarship living stipends but I think I was happy with the benefits.
  • During holidays, furniture can get mouldy, so often clean them up first.
  • Room can get dusty easily, so clean the room at least once a week.



Will share about my other living space in another discussion!

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