Work before university or during?


Is it a good idea to earn some funds before starting university or is it more reasonable to work part time while in university

Hi! Thanks for the question!

In my experience, I worked after SPM, while waiting for my SPM results. I worked as a sales agent to market ad spaces and tutored kids for their UPSR. I also helped to develop websites for a couple of businesses. It was not that much, but I was able to gather RM10k in 8 months.

My first job after SPM, selling ads in

Then I continued studying for my pre-uni under a scholarship.

There is no right or wrong answer here. It depends on how much money you would need for your education.

Typically, a degree breaks the installment into 4 months for a long semester. Lets say the cost of your degree is RM15K, and you have no scholarship at all, every month, you would need to cope RM3750, it will be tough for part-time jobs to sum up to this amount unless you have a special skill like videography, design and are able to take tons of projects.

If you have some financial aid, then try to measure, how much do you need to have by the end of each month. I would say, as a student, you can work around 15 hours a week with a part-time job that pays RM8 per hour.

Well, you can do it both way. :smiley: That was what I did. When I was waiting for my SPM results, I spent the free time working and earned about RM 3000 in total before my intake. What I thought was that this will be a much better option than just staying at home and doing nothing. When my university life started, I continued with the part-time job by adjusting the working slots according to my timetable. Trust me, expenses are really a thing when we step into university life. Not only for our daily meals in uni but also for other academic supplies and textbooks. (Moreover when we’re active people who need to hang out with friends.) :laughing: