Work and Travel Summer Program

I think this topic applies to most universities because I think that this program is offered to all university students, even so, being at my own university, I could see many of my friends and peers who admitted themselves into this program.

But what is the Work and Travel Summer Program? It is a program which is specially catered for university students who would like to take a leap and experience working in a foreign country, for instance, there are programs linked with the United States of America and New Zealand. And for that, you will have agencies to discuss and work on your visa issues.

First off, I would like to say that although you will be needed to pay a sum of money for the program admission fees, I think that it will be worth the investment as you will be working at the other country and working back what you would have paid for. Very often, it is a plus instead of a loss.

Besides, you are definitely able to befriend with people from different countries with their different cultures and not to say again that they may be your next best friends who you will need them.


I haven’t been involved in this program but I think this is no doubt something that most students will be taking part for their following summer breaks. For people who have tried this, mind sharing your experience with us?

It depends on your luck also sometimes you might get a bad agent who ruin your whole experience there