Why Women Outnumber Men in College?


Overall women outnumber men in college. But how come?

One explanation is that today there are more females in higher positions in regards to education, meaning young girls are now exposed to more positive role models and therefore more motivated to get into university. Teacher and nurse training, for instance, now takes place in universities, largely attracting more females.

There are also suggestions that boys may be more attracted to apprenticeships and training schemes. So men tend to be in the majority when it comes to vocational qualifications.

Some argue girls spend more time doing homework than boys. And boys are less well disposed to studying. By convention it might not be inaccurate that boys are more likely to play computer games. There are suggestions that boys tend to have a higher incidence of behavioural problems than girls and less likely to read outside of school.

However, men are not completely outmaneuvered in higher education. They are still outperforming women in some of the most prestigious areas - such as entry to the toughest universities and toughest courses.

What are your views?


it might be true that there are more women in college, however, there are more men employed full time in comparison. i dont think having more women in college is advantageous f or themselves


Yes, worldwide, more men than women have full-time work. An important question is can a particular economy absorb more college-educated workers. Apprenticeship programs often times seems to be lacking amongst both men and women.