Why Students Really Dig FamilyMart

Entering FamilyMart was a decision I never knew I’d be so happy I made. It was a wonderful discovery of a convenience store unlike any other, combining the market of household goods and a tiny food kingdom.

FamilyMart sells a multifariousness of eatables and beverages in different sections such as a snack bar (local and japanese cuisine for your protein needs), a “café” (variations of coffee and dessert for your finest indulgences) and a bakery (delectable pastries to fill your tummy with delight). Most of the products have a price ranging of RM3.00 to RM10.00, which is quite affordable for a mini market. Besides the satisfaction of its quality tastes, the food and drinks also come in aesthetically pleasing packaging.

An example of this would be the “Café Latte” I bought recently; not only does it relish flavour, but the bottle packaging as well is worth sharing pictures of. Services-wise, FamilyMart allows you to purchase top ups for gaming and phone necessities, be it through cash or credit card. Furthermore, the store provides a sitting area equipped with charging docks and free internet. I am very impressed by all the amenities in this convenience store and would definitely recommend them to everyone else.