Why should you get to know your seniors/ alumni?

Feeling apprehensive about university….What can be better than asking someone who has already been through it and was once in your state?
Here are some of the many reasons why you should connect to your seniors or even Alumnis

  1. Academically speaking, they can help a lot by passing on their notes, past test/ exam papers for revision, telling you about the lecturer’s teaching style before hand so that you know what to expect in the years to come and you can prepare for that.
  2. Since they’ll be graduating 2 or 3 years before you do and they’ll most probably be working in a field you are interested in, why not seize the occasion to pass on your resume and create your network in the job market so that you become more highly employable.
  3. It is also possible that after completing the same degree as you are, the Alumni change their career path and this can be beneficial to you so that you are made aware of the different career options available for your scope of study.