Why should I work while in uni?

First, I would say it’s for better and stronger resume and CV.

Based on study, 89% of Huge industry Organizations prefer to engage staff with working experience and skill instead of all new fresher. Then, Networking.

We could build strong networking and market with clients,colleague and employer, this could be big push in our career. For example, my uncle was part time sale person with hardworking attitude. Who knows in the end, he was promoted to be partner of used car firm while he was still doing his diploma.

Networking is the opportunities that deserved for person who seek for it.

Last but not least, study while working allows you to gain more pocket money and saving parent’s cost. As we growing, our parents too. That’s why we need to cut their barrier off and be economy independent. Therefore,you will start appreciate the cash right after earning your own pocket money and understand the difficulties of carrying a home expenses is not an easy job.

What kinda work do you do?

What I did in my student years:

  • worked as typist (yes, this was back in 90s and many people didn’t know how to use a PC or type)
  • worked as waiter
  • translator
  • landscaping work
  • tour guide
  • web development

Most work paid RM 5 / hour, some even RM 3.5.

What kinda part-time work you think students can do now? And how much it pays?

As for me , when I was a student 2 years ago, I did these for quick bucks :slight_smile:

  • Catsitting (RM30 a day)
  • Beautify powerpoint slides ( including words restructuring) RM50 per project
  • Emceeing job (RM60 a day)
  • Facilitating workshops (RM300 a day)
  • Affliate marketing ( Depends on what I help to sell, there was like a powerbank once, earned 20 per sold piece)

My friends explored

  • Grab
  • Goget
  • Work starbucks
  • Singing RM100 per gig
  • Modelling RM50 per shoot
  • Taking proffessional photos RM150 per event including editing