Why INTI should stop using Blackboard?

Blackboard is a virtual hub for student services that provide access to online course materials, grades, organizations, accounts, and many other academic and campus services. Almost all educational institutes uses Blackboard services as their online learning management system for the students. BB has some benefits to the students as we, INTI students, are forced to use it even tough some of us dislikes it.

There are some drawbacks that Blackboard have to INTI students, INTI lecturers and INTI itself.

1. The leaning management system is really outdated compared to their rivals

  • Rivals include Edmodo, Schoology and Google Classrooms has many new and vital features that BB lacks which includes virtual classroom, live chats and many more.
  • IN BB, students can edit the group wiki simultaneously with their group mates because it only allows 1 user at a time which is really time consuming.

2. The Blackboard Learn app is ineffective

  • The purpose of the app is still a big question for many.
  • Other LMS’s app allow students to do quizzes on their mobiles and sends notifications when there is an update.
  • Blackboard is no where near that because the app can only be used to download slides.

3. The cost is extremely high

  • As students, we all know that we are actually paying a huge sum to be able to use BB and the cost can be reduced if INTI opts for other LMS which are relatively cheaper and more useful for the students.

4. Lecturers get extremely confused due to less guidance of the system

  • Some lecturers do not choose to use BB because of the system’s complex methods of making things available for students. Therefore, it at times make students to lose track of what’s going on in class and their current grades.