Why i joined Enactus at first place?

If you are a first year student and you are looking for a way to curb boredom at university life joining club would be the answer to that question. I was a first year student at that time was looking for something to experience then i decided to go to the enactus introduction days. What i remembered from that night was an insightful information on how can i make my university life become more interesting maybe for the next 3 years. And boom i decided to give a try and went to the interview for enactus project which was VE project ( volunteering for education). I was being offered as junior executive where all the junior are expected to learn something about VE project from the senior.

Not going to lie bout it, it was freaking tiring and valuable at first and when i decided to leave enactus on my second year it was pretty sad ( i have workload of task on my shoulders). For enactus-ian we all have a weekly meeting (read: pretty explainable for my tired-ness) to update the ongoing project. Each one of us including the junior need to give our insight about how to improve our project. And also for every week VE members need to go to the school that has been selected by us to teach the kids about business plan. VE members can choose to be either on facilitator team or the management team. And guess what of course i decided to be a facilitator. For 3 months and half me and my partner has been tutoring the secondary school kids about the business plan because the next thing that we know VE need to be presented at the ENMC ( enactus malaysia national cups).

To cut it short, my university life is pretty much has a lot of things going on and most of it it is tiring part. But, what can i learn from joining club ( read: enactus) i developed my interpersonal skills on how to talk to people especially in the meeting. With joining enactus it does really serve my purpose because before i started to join any cub i will forward to join club that will improvise my english skills.

Me and my team called as big 5 during facilitator training

One with the whole VE team plus student innit.