Why I did foundation before my degree (after completing my A-Levels)

I am an international student currently doing my Bachelor Of Biotechnology (Hons) at INTI international University after having completed my Foundation In Science at INTI itself. :sunglasses:

As a matter of fact, I had already completed my A-levels in my home country, but I still did my Foundation before starting my degree. One of the main reasons I initially chose that study path is because of some Immigration requirements.

There are many of my friends who took a gap year after high school but I chose to do my Foundation instead. The advantages of doing so for me were;

  1. Familiarizing myself with the university environment before engaging in a 3-year course
  2. Adapting to the idea of leaving my family behind and being away from home for a year
  3. Knowing the coursework weightage, grading system, academic achievement awards and so on

In short, doing Foundation was a “trial phase” to make sure that I can adapt to university life before making a commitment for 3 years by enrolling into a degree programme.

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