Why I chose to study Engineering

Kudos, everyone! I’m Zhen Hong, a student currently studying at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, enrolling in a Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering degree.

Just in case you think I’m serious, please don’t, that’s a joke based on how Asian stereotypes are. But nonetheless, I think anyone who is still deciding on what to study should read stories like these with an open heart, and they don’t feel forced but instead choose what you truly have the passion on studying for the next three to four years of tertiary education. Who knows? You might be extending your studies due to a huge interest in the academic field.

Instead of telling my opinion on the pros and cons of studying the engineering field (I guess you would be getting tons of the “problem solving”, “being creative”, “getting analytical skills”, but trust me, any major would need all the criteria mentioned), I would be sharing how I came upon with the idea of choosing my undergraduate degree.

Secondary School Life

Ever since my secondary school life, I have always found myself more interested in physics and maths. Especially for the subject, Additional Mathematics, I would always find myself competing with my friends to see who did our homework the fastest (childish boys). So, I do consider myself lucky because I think I do have the opportunity to be exposed with what I am really interested and what I would be dedicating my studies for tertiary studies.

Mixing Around

However, it’s not such that I still stuck myself into my own rabbit hole. In my university, I befriend people from different faculties. The Business School, the Computer Sciences, the Arts and Social Sciences. I occasionally join a few of their activities because I think that university life is really a time for us to get out often from our comfort zone and to discover things that we may not expect that can make an impact of our lifetime.

Right Degree?

And I’m going to conclude with a question most commonly asked, “Do you think that you choose the right degree?”

No, I don’t think so, because I don’t think there is a right or wrong degree, just a right or wrong mindset. So, you should always go for what you think or feel is what you really want to study for the next three to four years in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, don’t feel pressured that you would end up having a career based on your tertiary studies, I sincerely believe that university life is just preparing you the platform for you to discover yourself unless of course, you are opting for trade school or specialized subjects. So, you should have fun and enjoy the process.

nice… thanks for sharing your experience and your decision in making this choice.

At least from what I heard from my friends, they are either being forced or they have no choice :joy: