Why I care about the environment

Before I begin sharing my answer, I would like you to close your eyes and imagine how you’d live without water, food and air. If we say we have enough water to drink, try looking at how our rivers and oceans are now filled with tons of wastes (especially plastic waste). Now, if we are to say that we have enough air to breathe, what about the haze we are facing now? Finally, here comes food. We’ve got so much to choose! But what if at this moment, I’m putting you in the middle of a jungle with no food supply prepared. Can you recognize what you can eat and what you can’t?

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash

Or… are there even sufficient plants to begin with? (Probably not, if deforestation continues to happen without control.) :deciduous_tree::axe:

It’s sad that how we are finding pleasure in so much extra things that we buy or do without realizing that we’ll soon be losing even the three most basic things needed for survival. That’s the reason why I care about the environment.

Nevertheless, I was never this interested in environmental issues before I step into this social initiative in my uni named Green Up Project. I was a foolish person who would litter around and use tissues or other disposable stuff without considering how harmful would that be to the environment. However, once I began my journey in the initiative, I started to engage in environmental-friendly practices like avoiding plastics, recycling disposed materials, bringing my own containers and even as simple as throwing trashes into the dustbin. :green_heart:

Most importantly, I learned how to plant some simple plants and started to have that passion to just “green up” our environment a little bit. When I first tried planting something back then, I realized it’s not that hard to take care of a plant as we think. Although there are some skills to be learned in the beginning, but once we get a hold of it, it becomes easy and fun! :seedling:

Well, there might not be much effect from a person’s effort alone, but imagine if each of everyone is willing to do their own part. I’m pretty sure it would make a huge difference to our environment. :herb:

Remember, we are doing this for the well-being of both ourselves and the Earth as a whole! :earth_asia: