Why I began with Diploma in Management


I encountered quite a number of people asking why did I choose diploma instead of foundation to start off my university journey. “Didn’t you waste another year of study by taking diploma?” “Why not foundation? Everybody choose that.” Those are real questions which people ask me a lot. Well, my answer to them is always the same and I am here to share it with you. :wink:

A common perception is that people who take diploma are those who don’t plan to proceed with degree studies. (As having a diploma is sufficient for someone to get a decent fresh graduate job.) But that’s not necesarily the case. Personally, I chose to begin with diploma because I wanted to gain deeper knowledge on a variety of business fields before specializing in one during my degree studies.

Also, I believed that diploma can better prepare me for the further studies, as a diploma programme usually covers the subject areas in more details than a foundation programme. I was also pretty sure that my area of interest is definitely something under business so Diploma in Management will be a great choice for me.

Regarding the so-called “wasting another year of study”, I totally disagree with it at all. Firstly, there are exemptions of subjects provided for students who proceed from diploma to degree studies. Depending on how similar the subjects in diploma are to the ones in a particular degree programme, the period exempted can be up to 1 year. This means that the overall duration of study in this sense is only 4.5 years including internship. Moreover, even if there is an extra year of study, it wouldn’t matter much for me as I take it as a learning process to explore more fields of business studies.

Hence, to you who are worried about how taking a diploma programme may drag your time spent in university, always remember one thing. We do not need to rush for graduation. What matters more is how much we can learn from the years of study and the fun experience of being in a university with our dearest friends. :smile: