Which Telco service to use on campus?

There are various telecommunication networks in Malaysia. Every consumer opts for the fastest, strongest and widest network.

Here are some study results conducted by MCMC to find out which telco is best for data and voice call quality.

Wireless connectivity

Maxis was found to be the fastest with an average download speed of 22.89 Mbps.

Call quality

Celcom has the least drop calls with 0.83% while Digi has the highest call success rate at 99.28%.

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What do you use yea? And how is it so far?

I have been using Maxis ever since I came to Malaysia. And I’m very satisfied with the service. Especially the internet plans which is provided during the festive periods.
A package of 60 GB can cost RM 10 for a period of one week. Also, during the weekends, Maxis users get 2 GB of free data. Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend this Telco service.

What did i know is Celcom is fast at all, especially uni student are looking which Telco, is better. Because this is real experience, i have try Celcom and i spend a little time on my assignment because of without lagging and slow connection …

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@Hemakshsi same here, I have been using Maxis for the longest time and I am truly satisfied with the services it offers. however there are times when services are interrupted, but the team residing within Maxis is quite efficient and quick to respond.

Hence I too would second what you say and to all of you out there, grab Maxis today!

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Well for Maxis, is better, have u know last time Maxis was system down in may 2019 , almost whole Malaysia spend around 5 to 7 days no internet and affect to who are deal in business bro…

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i use Celcom, so far so good


hahaha that was true, but that was really terrible situation which needed much time to solve. it was pretty swift, considering other major factors.

Yup maxis are faster than other telco at university but TOO EXPENSIVE for poor student like me. Unfortunately, maxis line were sooooo bad at my village. -_-

ouchhh… never turn back to maxis again. Bad connection with bad coverage in rural area!
emmm also very expensive thoo

i think Celcom is the best Telco among the others, because spend a little money then use a unlimited data…

Yes, this plan is fully coverage with student because this worthy to student and lecture too

using umobile before but their coverage was so bad… and their internet pass which gx30 was not flexible for student like me…

i agree… I’ve been using xpax for 5 months now and subscribe to ultra hour pass… i only buy the pass whenever i needed… no contract bound so it suits students…

Aiyahhh serius talk… at my area, maxis was the worst telco ever. Btw, if u guy wanna try others telco, choose wisely. Me, already subscribe for xpax ultra hour and really satisfying me…

Here, i’m talking of coverage that related with the internet connection issue. Based on my experienced, xpax has wider coverage compare to other telco. Plus, they come with new prepaid ultra hour plan which is really help me to cut down my expenses tho.

yup. Adore with their new prepaid plan. just topup whenever u want and subscribe the ultra hour pass. Their plan very flexible and worthy to student too

agree with you. For me better to use xpax prepaid plan. This telco has best data plan like ultra pass hour pass which is the user can enjoy their unlimited qouta also wider coverage with good signal.

you can customize your internet too bro. the best part is you don’t need to commit so much where something you probably don’t even use finish your internet quota. Just pay what you have use only!

Not talking shit about umobile but seriuosly their coverage is pretty bad. I’m tempting to switch to this new xpax prepaid plan.