Which one is harder Economics or Accounting?

Before I tell you guys about my opinion about economics and accounting I guess I should start to introduce what course that i currently taking. Well I am currently entering my third year taking BSc In Economics and Accounting.

For First year, most of the student in my course will take the easiest subject among all the subject that have been offered to us ( for instance microeconomics, principle of economics and etc). That is because all the other subject is pre-requisite ( read: you need to pass the pre requisite paper to take the other one). For economics student we need to take language ( read; Malay, indian and international student must take mandarin course while Chinese can take any language except for mandarin). There will be 3 stages, and of course you need to pass one by one to take the other one.

For second year student, this is the time you can choose you minor. It has 4 choices (read: accounting, finance, international affairs and public management). For your information, in UUM you can choose your own schedule and time for it! Fun thing is you don’t need to stay with the same person for 4 years ( oopsies). I choose to take accounting because UUM offered the best accounting school in the country. It was a struggle at first, because i was juggling between economics and accounting. But until this moment i made it !

To put into a simple word, I could not identify which one is harder or which one is easier cause that would be biased. This is because I love them equally. For me economics is the study of science of behavior while accounting always working with number. And those two for me will always complete is other.