Where to live in Singapore?

Hey guys, I’m moving to Singapore next month and I’m looking for accommodation choices for students. Where do they usually live when they want to balance budget/good location? :slight_smile:

@binbacteria Popular places for international students are places near Chinatown, Bugis & Little India. Rooms range anywhere from S$300 onwards to about maybe S$1,000 per month. If you don’t mind a longer commute, you can stay further out at places -

  1. Tampines, Simei, Pasir Ris (bonus as most flight attendants stay around the area so you might a hot dude or girl as your housemate!
  2. Boon Lay, Jurong East, Tuas area
  3. Hougang, Sengkang

Singapore has very accessible and convenient public transport, so you don’t have to worry much about going from one place to another. For most places, you can expect to walk no further than 15 minutes to get either to the bus station, train station, food stalls, etc. Plus, Singapore’s safe too. Food from food courts are relatively affordable, but if you can, cooking your own food can save you more money.

Thanks a lot @nippynosy!
The room rates are for a shared room? I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable to share a room with a stranger, although this is a common practice in uni. So you think I should expect around 1000sgd per month? Don’t mind to commute longer and cook my food at home to save up hahahaha

@binbacteria If you live further from town, it’s a longer commute but you save more I suppose. Most times, food is also cheaper at places further from town too! You can still get single rooms cheaper than SGD$1k if it’s further away from town if you’d rather live alone. I have some international friends who pay about SGD500-800 and commute about 30-45 mins to the city.

Wow reallyyyy? @nippynosy
That sounds great! Btw any advice on scholarships in SG? I was wondering if there is one scholarship type offered by the ministry of education or each uni offers scholarship separately? Thx