Where to go for French Classes? HELP CAT!

Je voudrais vous introduire un endroit pour apprendre la française!

Just want to show off a bit what I’d learned at college - French language. That’s right, I have a chance to study foreign language at HELP College of Arts and Technology!

You might ask why HCAT? Because the location is very convenient! you can take LRT to Chan Sow Lin station and walk to the college. :wink:

One thing I like about college is that we can choose what course we want and arrange our timetable, well, not like you can go in whatever time you want, but at least is better than an assigned timetable during high school. So, I took French as my free elective courses.

They are offering two levels in the ADP course and I took both. If you are interested to master this language, you can take the intermidiate and the advanced levels at Alliance Francaise. They have good lecturers to guide you throughout the courses. And they are friendly and approachable even after lecturing hours!

To be honest, my results might not be impressing, but still, I learned the culture and the correct pronunciation of that beautiful language. It is important that you expose yourself to different lecturer because they way they pronounce might have a slight difference and you should learn to understand them.

You can hone your speaking via meetup.com to join the other French speakers in Malaysia. They are helpful to guide you to join them talking in French. Chill~

Au Revoir. Feel free to ask for more insights.

(Actually I wanted to learn Japanese so badly but the college doesn’t offer that course, it has French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Malay classes though.)

Bonjour! I learned French too!!! HI5 :hand:

I choose French because is just so romantic, soft, and sexy. But that image just shattered when I start learning it. Despite using tongue, French requires nasal accent and ‘r’ is pronounced through the bottom of your throat. Regarding pronouncing the ‘r’, sometimes I’m not sure is it just me used the wrong muscle, it makes me feel like vomitting or spitting. Sorry if you are imagining it now.

The funniest pronunciation I’ve encountered is science fiction = sionsfission (mind that the ‘on’ is nasal accent) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, that sounds fun!

I don’t dare to take language courses because I’m not confidence to scoring it. I don’t want my CGPA being pulled down…

At least I know Bonjour. :stuck_out_tongue:
btw, I Google translated Au Revoir (=goodbye). Pronounced like oggehvua, which is not the same as the alpahbets AT ALL!!! Where does the geh sound and the ua sound come from??

@AnnAnne ikr.

They pronounce the alphabets in different ways. For example, i sounds like the alphabet e, g sounds like j and j sounds like g. NO JOKE! Listen this:

If you are curious about au revoir it’s because r sounds like air, and it’s pronounced using the throat like @Easter said, which makes the geh sound because you get choked halfway, just kidding.
If you go abit advanced, where two vowels combined, it goes not like it’s own anymore.
e.g. oi pronounced wa, that’s where the ah sound come from.

##Welcome to French