Where to go during a Blackout

Not sure if it will still be going on but for the last academic year, the University of Nottingham Malaysia has faced a few power outages. Being someone who stayed on campus, the accommodation faced the same problem as well. Here I will be sharing one of my few unfortunate experiences I have with blackouts in the university.

So, it happened during the middle of the night, I think it’s around 3-4am, a time when everyone should be asleep, but apparently, that is when the electricity supply got cut off. I’m guessing that the majority of the people are still asleep because I can’t stand the heat in my room and decided to grab my torchlight and went to the outside to take the cooler breeze.

Apparently, there are only a few people who woke up from that. And guess where do I wander? The TCR! (The Computer Room) In case you do not know, it’s one of the green buildings in the university where the backup power supply is right there. Not really sure how the methodology works, but that is the only place on campus at that time with the air conditioning and lights working fine.

Occasionally, it didn’t really happen but just once in a while. For the two years, I have been in university, I guess I have faced it for around 3 times?

You wouldn’t face this problem if you are living off-campus boy