Where to get help if you are struggling with academics?

Academic challenges can be very stressful and the sooner you deal with the issue the better it is!
At INTI international university, there are various ways students can tackle this problem namely by;
• Meeting mentors/ lecturers
Who better to ask for help than your lecturers or your mentors? Well even though it is not the first option that might come to mind, asking your lecturers for guidance is one of the most practical way to deal with whatever problem you might be having academic wise.
• Group study
Another solution to your problem can be studying in groups with your classmates or people you are comfortable with. Not only will it encourage you to study for a longer time as compared to studying alone, it is actually more effective in the sense that you can do group discussions to gain various insights on a particular topic.

• Academic council
In INTI international university, you can even go to the Academic Council to discuss any academic-related issues. The Academic Council will try their best to address the problem and help you in many ways like connecting you to seniors who can share their notes/ study tips because they have already been through your current situation.

• Peer tutoring programme
Another facility provided at INTI international university is the peer tutoring programme. In this programme, your seniors can help you with a particular subject in allocated timeslots for a fee of RM 5 per hour.