Where do you all "find" textbooks?

Hi everyone,

erm not sure if it’s okay to ask here, but where do you guys “find” textbooks for studies? And by find I mean get “cheaper alternatives” for them… if you know what I mean hahaha…

Not going to reveal my course here, but I guess we can agree that university textbooks are expensive. I heard that you can get a cheaper price from Henry’s but still it’s quite pricey considering the amount of textbooks needed per semester… But then I heard from my seniors that the notes themselves are not enough to secure good grades :persevere:

Sorry if this breaks any rules (since it’s technically illegal and all). Moderators you can delete this if it’s not okay. If not thanks in advance for those that can help me

Haha no worries @Justin_Low_CK

I myself also not sure if this is an appropriate question ^^’’ (will check with supervisor later)

Anyway I know exactly what you mean. If you don’t mind secondhand (either original or photocopied) just ask your seniors, or if you’re in any fb group for your course then maybe you can ask there as well. It’s not uncommon to see some seniors selling off their textbooks at a lower price, though maybe with some wear and tear.

But if you want a new one, maybe you can borrow from the library and go to the laundry service center at vista B. They also do printing in case Ricoh is closed, so … :sweat_smile:

That’s the only 1 nearby that I know of. Not sure if there’s any others around the area.
Anyone else?

wow, didn’t know about the laundry center at vista B… Thanks a lot :smiley:

Someone should do a website to buy/sell used textbooks :smile:

And aren’t there already such websites? Mudah, Lelong, etc…

Would you buy used textbooks? Do they change frequently?

Haha I’m not sure about other websites to buy textbooks, and honestly there’s also the issue of trust when buying from strangers, especially for things as delicate as books. Might just be me though … :sweat:

I’ve heard somewhere that actually there’s actually little to no differences between different editions of textbooks. Apparently they just add in a bit of new info, reshuffle the pages a bit (chapter 7 become chapter 5) and they’re allowed to publish it as a new edition!

Not sure on how true is that, but usually I’m okay with using textbooks older by 1 edition and just use the index page to find the chapters I need.