Where can you have coffee in UCSI

Hey there, coffee lovers. Always craving for a cup of coffee wherever you go? Don’t worry, I know how you feel. But in UCSI, you’d be just fine because we’ve got a bunch of places where you can enjoy your favourite coffee. In the campus itself, we have Aroma Cafe, Everyday Espresso, MyViet Cafe, and the recently opened Hijao Coffee from which you can grab away your favourite Latte, Americano, Frappucino and many more. I personally love the Monday Special from MyViet Cafe for its strong and aromatic taste.

If this doesn’t satisfy you, it’s okay. We’ve got more just a few steps away from our campus. There’s a Starbucks right in front of our campus and you may also check out many other lovely cafes like Craft Cafe, Bookmark Cafe and Bean Story Korean Cafe among others. If you’re looking for some extra fun, get your friends and hang out at Upper Room Board Game Cafe.

Now, what is your favourite coffee? Share with us below! :coffee: