When is the best time to look for an university?

More often than not, students would start looking for an university only when they have finished their SPM or some might want to wait until their results are released. However, you can actually begin your exploration way before that! It’s great to stay tuned to any university or campus visits arranged by your school and participate in one whenever you have the chance. Not only that you can gain a better insight into the environment of the campuses involved but these visits often come with interactive activities in which you can learn cool stuff while enjoying the experience.

Besides, visiting education fairs is another helpful approach for getting to know about various universities as well as programmes offered. What I did back then was to simply walk around each booth and gather their brochures so that I can read them at home whenever I was free.

Never think that it’s too early as it is always good to plan ahead. You’ll also have more time think and figure out the potential ones which you’d like to enter. By setting your directions earlier, you’d be able to get prepared and make a clearer decision when you graduate. Believe me, time flies faster than you think. So, feel free to check out any university you’re interested in regardless of how old or which grade you are in. :slight_smile: