What's Business Law all about?

Business law is a set of rule and regulation about business trading involving any business and party.

In business law we are able to discover the rights and defence from seller and buyer parties, rules of property transfer , Employment regulations and many more.

Case Studies are required all the time. we need to do lots of researches through online, law books and articles.

Individual assignment will be slightly challeging, it takes time to conduct searching about sections of law, case studies and so on. But it also turns peacefully after concluding all the research and data into essay.

Group Assignment is a task that distributed to 8 to 10 students to carry out a long essay. But it required a presentation about all the case studies, law and so on.

Final examination most of the colleges and unis are allowing students to practice open-book-test in final exam. So it could be a fabulous oppotunity to score the grade.