What to expect for scholarship interview

Hello, future scholars! Getting a little nervous for the upcoming scholarship interview? I’ve gone through two so I am here to share some tips on the preparation:

1. Practice professional self-introduction. Beside basic details like name, age, where do you stay etc, try to top up with something special about yourself to impress the interviewers and get them to remember you. (Eg. special interest, most significant achievement, your dream carreer etc.)

2. Prepare for the common questions. Here are some tricky questions that are commonly asked in such interviews:

i) Why did you apply for this scholarship?
ii) Why did you choose us as your option of university?
iii) Why did you choose this course/programme?
iv) What do you think you can do to contribute to our university and society as a whole?
v) What would you do if you don’t get this scholarship?
vi) Why should we provide you with this scholarship?

It’s always safe to prepare for these questions beforehand so that you won’t get stuck during the interview.

3. Prepare to share more about your experience in extracurricular activities. While universities would evaluate you in terms of academic results,experience and achievements in extracurricular activities will definitely give you a plus point! So, while you’re still in high school, try your best to be more active and do something beyond studying. :wink:

Hope all these tips can help you out in preparing for your interviews! All the best, peeps! :raised_hands: