What to do when you get into UUM? or university

First step to do when you got any offer from any university just be glad and grateful that you being able to further a tertiary education! But, it does not stop there because this is only your first step to everything. (welcome to adult life!!)

Being in university are far different from being at school. At school you anticipated for your teacher to spoon feed you ( i feel you). But in university you cannot do that! University life is the new adult life. This is the life where you should be able to live independently from your family. Everyone at this stage should be able to make their own decision when it needed! (read: make a decision about your assignment which subject should be done first). In university life carry mark is really important, you need to take care your carry mark like you take care of your life! (i meant it guys)

In other words, it is impossible to work like lone ranger in university. Because most of the assignment given by your lecturer usually a group work. It is better to make as many friend as possible especially your course-mate ( tips!). Don’t be afraid to shot question during class or after class if you don’t understand. If not you going to miss your train (pheww).

*carry mark = percentage of mark that has been given through out the participation in the class eg : group assignment/ individual assignment/ presentation / teamwork *