What to do between classes?

We’d all pray hard to get a perfect timetable, but sometimes it’s just hard to avoid long gaps between classes. Some are long enough for us to go home and get a rest, but what about the 1 or 3 hours gaps? Well, it’s okay. We’re here to share some of our ways of getting through these breaks.

  1. Grab a lunch. Yes, the most simple way is to use the time to have lunch. However, this only works if the break falls in the afternoon or during lunch hours.
  2. Get to library. It’s a good time to have a revision or read-up during these long hours of break.
  3. Check out the event booths. Our lobby at Block A is a popular spot for clubs and student organisations to promote their events. That’s where we’d hang out
    and check out the latest events while filling our time.
  4. Have some snacks. Family Mart is our favourite spot for this. There are also several food stalls available in our campus where we can buy all sorts of food
    delights to fill our stomach while waiting for our classes. If we’ve got more time, we’d also walk to the nearby cafes outside our campus to chill out and have some
  5. Watch a movie/drama. That’s one great way of using the devices in our computer lab. Of course, we can watch it through our phones too. :wink:

There you go. How about sharing your ideas with us too? Drop your comments below! :smile: