What’s your worst experience in high school?


We do experience a lot of things in high school , but which thing to you is the worst experience in high school?

Haha. I screwed my SPM.

I was a straight A student till I was 16. And then I lost interest in some subjects but I think no one else in my family notices except me.

I started skipping Physics and Chemistry classes. I took 15 subjects though and I loved my electives more than my core ones.


Before SPM results day, my grandma, aunt and all bought the newspaper cause they thought I would be listed as the top in the country, but guess what, I guess I disappointed everyone with my 12 As . It might seem nothing to some, because considering I still had As but society pressure. It was quite embarrassing but I did not regret standing in what I believed in with pursuing subjects beyond my stream. Maybe I self sabotage? Who knows.


What was yours?

Mine is when I got punished right in front of all other students during a morning assembly. I had an image of a good student all those years and in fact, my discipline record comes with no flaws at all until this happened. Guess what, I was just turning my head to answer my friend’s question and ended up being caught for “talking and disrespecting the speaker”. (While there were bunches of people who were actually talking all the way through the session. Unlucky me.)

It was a very embarrassing moment for me but looking back at it, it was quite an interesting incident to remember. I could still remember how surprised the ‘guru disiplin’ was when he was flipping my discipline records and found no single trace of misconduct at all. I’m pretty sure he regretted for punishing such a good student like me. :laughing:

That’s the story of my one and only “Kesalahan” in my high school journey. :woman_shrugging:

Getting Bullied by seniors :joy: Sad to admit that I come from an all girls highschool which technically should be lovey dovey and full of kindness haha. Fact is, some of them forced me to come up with rm15 worth of shillings (to call their boyfriends using public phone) without giving me any cash note in exhange !