What prog should you take post Spm if you want a shot in scholarship?

Second chances are rare but it does come to those who never give up!

To get a waiver for local programs is rather easy, just focus on your current O’Levels or SPM. After that, you can pursue A’Levels/ SPM/ foundation/ matriculation/ ADP.

However, if you are aiming to study abroad with a scholarship, the situation gets a bit trickier. So, there are 3 situations:

1. You sat for SPM and your results are amazing! Good for you =)

  • Just apply as many scholarships as you can and the sponsor will decide the pathway for you. In my case the government placed me to do the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Kolej MARA Banting before sending me to US. Khazanah sends students to KYUEM to do A’Levels. JPA/MARA send students to do A’Levels in INTEC, UiTM Shah Alam. They can also send you to INTI Nilai to do IDP.

2. Your SPM did not turn out how you expected them to be OR you do not have SPM, you sat for O’Levels:

  • Choose the right course that interests you
  • Choose a simple program like A’Levels or Foundation (so that you can focus on getting good scores and rebrand yourself)
  • Focus on excelling in your scores
  • Apply top universities (Top 20 in the world)
  • Re-apply for waiver and scholarships

I had friends who did not do so well in SPM and received a scholarship after performing in Foundation, but also had friends who excelled in SPM, took a difficult pre-university program, and was not able to study abroad with a scholarship.

Good luck! Ask me if you have any questions =)