What is your experience studying at IMU? LETS SHARE

Just saw the Mandatory Complaints Thread, and thought it was weird to not have a good experience counterpart to equal it out :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, why not a thread for people to share their positive experience studying at IMU?

So far I still consider myself new, but overall my experience in IMU has been pleasant… hope it stays that way hahaha…

Hi @Justin_Low_CK,

First thanks for starting a new thread ^^
As you can see the forum’s still relatively new with only a handful of people, so it’s always welcoming to see some new people here :smile:

Anyway it wasn’t my intention to make only a complaints thread ^^’’ Just thought that it’s the more “interesting” topic for people to discuss their concerns , and does not mean that I only have complains for IMU ><

Anyhow I’ve been studying in IMU for almost 3 years now, and it’s been a pleasant journey IMO. At first the formal dress code took some getting use to, but on hindsight I think it was a good decision since I think it did help us to grow more mature in subtle ways. Also the whole of IMU have been pretty lively with a lot of activities throughout the whole year, even though I did not participate in most of them ^^’’

My class (Psychology) is small, but because of that we’ve been relatively close with one another :wink: The lecturers have also been friendly and lenient, forming somewhat of a friendship with us ^^ It wasn’t all fun and games though as exams have always been an issue (and I don’t just mean exams is hard, but also with the exam dates as well).

Still overall I found the experience really fun ^^

It’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I find studying at IMU a very pleasant experience because all the feedbacks submitted to the lecturers are actually discussed and implemented. You don’t find that kind of respect in all universities.
At IMU, students have a say. =D

Hi! I am still torn between studying psychology in IMU or Monash University. I am currently doing Diploma in Psychology and so far, I am more interested in Clinical and Criminology areas. I am not sure where to apply but my parents suggested me to apply for IMU. Any advice or feedback?
Thank you.