What is the difference between Bachelor of science in economics and bachelor of art in economics?

Economics places you at the juncture of social science, business and social policy. … Earn either a bachelor of science ( B.S. ) or a bachelor of arts ( B.A. ) degree in economics depending on your strengths in mathematics and quantitative skills ( B.S.) or foreign language ( B.A. ).

Any perks when it comes to job opportunities? Which one is tougher in your opinion?

Both (read: Bsc and BArt) has pros and cons. If you are taking BArt most likely you will invoving with more reading and theories. On the other side if you decided to do Bsc you need to familiarize yourself with more numbers.

BArt are more suitable to those who are looking for an opportunities to go for postgraduate while BSc are more relevant to those who plan to join workforce straight after graduation! (read: graduate with BSc tend to get a higher salaries compared to graduate in BArt)