What is the basic requirement to pursue Bsc in economics and Accounting?


First of all i would like to start off by saying that during my high school level i didn’t came from account stream background but i came from science stream background. I always see doctor as my future profession (read: my dream job). That was because i didn’t got a full exposure of the real life (read: working profession). But then, my mother brought me to the hospital to really see how the doctors were working there. Then, i realized medicine was not meant for me.

After i completed my SPM, i pursue my pre universities study at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (read:UNITEN) doing accounting. When i was studying i realized that i love economics and accounting so why not i take both. So i did my little survey on the course and universities in Malaysia that offered that. Then i made a comparison out of it.

After i completed my pre-universities course then i applied to UUM in Bsc in economics and accounting and i got in. The real reason why i applied to UUM was i can do the course that i truly love ( read: economics and accounting) where UUM are the only universities in the country that offered that course. In addition, in UUM if you are an economics students you get to take a language requirement where for me it is enjoyable to learn!

From my understanding, if you want to take economics as our major you need to pass certain CGPA, and you need to take STAM, STPM, A-level, diploma, matric or foundation. If you are taking any of these course and want to pursue in economics or accounting i would definitely say you are on the right path! (Annnnd welcome econs student!)

Sis, what is the GPA required in the pre - uni program that you did? What subs are important?

In order to get accepted to study economics in uum the CGPA that student to get is 3.5 and above. I did diploma in accounting. :slight_smile: