What if we are buried in Trash? What can students do today to avoid this

Hey guys! There’s this scary imagination that crawled into my mind recently. It’s actually an after-effect after I visited a pretty much polluted island last week.

What if we are burried my our own trash some day? :scream: Then, I started to wonder what we could do to help improve the environment.

Besides organizing events to raise awareness, I realized that we could save the environment even through the little actions in our routine lives as students. I’ll share some of mine.

I started by using a reusable metal straw instead of plastic straws (although it was initially due to the “no straws” policy in our university).

I try my best to avoid any plastic bags or
unnecessary packagings. I throw any recyclable waste into the recycle bins available in our campus. Instead of disposing my lecture notes after a semester, I post on student portals
and social media to pass them to my juniors. As for now, I have just bought a new tumbler and lunchbox made with biodegradable rice husks, and ready to take away food or beverages with them!

Well, basically, it can be simple little things that we do everyday that help protect the environment.


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Its pretty tough to avoid buying things with packaging, but as far as i see, there are shops in kl where you can actually bring your own container to buy shampoo, detergent, snacks or anything without having to create a single waste. If everyone of us as a student can start doing this, we can create a better future with zero household waste and thereby reduce the carbon footprints as our final goal.

Students are encouraged to use own reusable bags during shopping. Also, try to avoid using disposable plates and plastics and bring your own tupperware for meals.