What if love isn't that perfect?

It sounds a little sad but sometimes we just can’t deny the fact that love may not be as perfect as it seems to be. I had my first relationship when I was 17 years old after my high school graduation and it only lasted for three years. (Coincidently, it ended right after I finished my diploma studies.) But how did the relationship affected me throughout my years of university life? Let me share with you.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

To begin with, time becomes a thing to work on. If you and your partner are studying in the same university, perhaps it could be easier for you to meet each other from time to time. In my case, we studied in different universities and our time schedules were pretty much different. Basically, when I finishes my exam for the semester, it will be his turn for exam. The same goes for assignment and other school activities that would make us busy at different times. So we arranged to meet up for a date on the weekend, once a week or sometimes even twice a week.

Another factor would be balance. Studying is definitely important for us as students, but when we are in a relationship, we’d have to free out some time to accompany our partner. In my case, although both of us were busy, we would spare out some time to talk on the phone and have a video call at night. During exam periods, we might have to forego some of the time spent together to focus on studying. The most important thing about balance is to be understanding and be considerate to each other.

Sometimes, argument may take place and this may affect us emotionally. As students, we must make sure not to lose too much focus when this happen. Besides, instead of having the issues settled with slience, partners should open up to each other and communicate with honesty when problem arises.

For each of these advices that I shared, I would say there were still something that I didn’t fulfill well and this somehow led to the end of our relationship back then. However, I’m glad that we broke up on good terms, so we are still friends now. In fact, we still meet up occasionally in gatherings.

Well, the break-up did affected me emotionally back then. But as time goes by, I started taking it as a life experience that helped me grow as a better person. So, if you ask me if you should get into a relationship, I would say go for it if both of you feel you are right for each other. Don’t worry too much about the outcome cause that’s the life experience which we shall go through! :heart: