What career can you considered if you choose economics as your major?

You know what i never thought that i will talk to people about career-related kind of thing, because i still juggling and figure out how economics can benefit me in the future. I really understand every student struggle when you had to choose what kind of course that you want to take, either you want to impress yourself or impress you parent . Well i get that! I grew up doesn’t really know what i want, but all i know at that time was to make my parent impress of me. My parent wanted me to become a doctor, until i completed my SPM then i realized that medicine wasn’t really what i want to discovered.

So i took a big leap to take accounting (read: my mother is an account teacher so that is really play a huge part why i wanted to try that. And yet i did! During i studied accounting i need to take microeconomics and macroeconomics paper, after that i realized that all i wanted to give my all is by taking economics as my major for degree. And here i am!

So i started to doing a little discovery on what can i be if i am taking economics, because all i have been hear was economics student turned into a teacher (read: considered that is one of my career option). And with taking economics we all can be an economist! But it is imposibble if we all get that because the place is very limited. Economist can be working at any bank, but each bank only required ONE economist except for Central Bank of Malaysia (read: bank negara malaysia).

Economics student also can be a researcher or analyst at any organization that offer that position, but for now i only have khazanah research institute at the top of my head. Last but not least, economics student can have a lot of career option either with government or working in private sector ( read: financial analyst, lecturer, bankers, governor(read: believe we all economics student are fighting over this spot haha )

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