What can you learn from majoring in International Business

My college experience was very interesting! I started off with wanting to be an economist who forms policies for businesses, thus, majoring in Managerial Economics - after a year, I realized that my drive was more into entrepreneurship and I switched to International Business and Management.

Some of my friends are majoring in the same field because of the word “International” - however, we had different goals - some to start businesses, some to grow family businesses, and others to join existing companies. No matter where life might lead you, here are my key learnings from my International Business major:

Some of the areas I managed to learn :

  • The basic concept of marketing
  • Presentation skills
  • Some level of project management
  • The basic concept of analysis information - understanding and absorbing important facts
  • Project mapping tools
  • International law
  • Overall overview of business processes
  • Basic accounting
  • Basic trend analysis

This was our leadership class project in Cameron Highlands!

I’d actually recommend this course for those who aspire to work for other companies, especially larger corporations.

It is not really focusing on small businesses strategies or entrepreneurship, but still a good degree.

Much of the syllabus cover strategies and not specific tactics, but we can always learn them as we go.

The major opens up to many opportunities but many of my friends who graduate with this major end up as:

  • Consultant (selling software such as in Oracle, IBM)
  • Support Specialists ( managing operations such as in Shell)
  • Business Development Executive (managing sales such as Samsung, Huawei)
  • Content Reviewer Analyst (Research based such as in Accenture)

Maybe this can be helpful for you in case you are wondering!

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