What can you do with a Branding and Advertising degree?

Yes, it’s kind of like a new programme and you’ll hardly find it in other universities, so let me share a little more about it. :slight_smile:

This programme that I’m taking is pretty similar to Marketing, whereby it covers major courses like Marketing Processes, Social Media Marketing, New Product Development and many other common marketing subjects. What makes it different are the more specialized third year subjects such as Strategic Brand Management, Retail Brand Management, Advertising Media Planning among others. There is also a couple of design courses like Visual Communication as well as Design and Layout.

You may be concerned about the relevant career opportunities, but no worries at all! There is in fact a lot of companies out there looking for talents in this field. Some of the careers that you may pursue with this degree include Campaign Developer, Art Director, Media Planner and Social Media Specialist. There are also opportunities under the marketing departments of various companies that you can consider.

I personally would really like to pursue the social media marketing field. In fact, I’ve got the opportunity to try it out during my recent Co-Op Placement a.k.a. internship programme offered by UCSI. Every academic programmes serve to prepare students for future careers, so don’t worry and go ahead to enroll in your favourite programme! :wink: