What can you do after finishing high-school? or better known as SPM

When i was in high school i was always dream of going to college and university, but when i do now i missed my high school days. Ending your high school days can be a little overwhelming, cause that was my feeling. I remembered the time when i had my last paper i had a mixed feeling sad, excited, fear, happy and the list goes on. After finishing SPM you will have minimum of 3 months super called as holiday. At this time if you have any list to learn anything this is the great time to do so. :smile:

What i did during that time was learn how play an instrument (read: i play violin). I always wanted to play violin during my high school days, but because of time constraint then i can’t do that at that time. Even-though my school do provide a brass band club but there’s no lesson for violin. So i decided to play violin during that time, and yep 5 months are not an enough time to master everything about violin. But it’s enough for me to take a violin lesson from time to time until now (yup i still go to violin class ) :wink:.

To put in a simple word, there’s many thing that you can do after you finish SPM. Take this time to learn anything that you wants to or to do anything that you likes! Because there will be one time that you will look back and say “i am glad i decided to do the things i love”. :kissing_heart:

What is the best thing to do when you are studying at high school ? (Part time work)

Hi! I think it really boils down to what you love and how much you have mastered it. For me, I love speaking and designing. So I feel emceeing or moderating for fast cash is fun. I also helped designed a few projects for startups.

Nevertheless, sales jobs gave me most cash as there is no limitation, but it took more time and can be exhausting especially with deadlines and all.

Do you know what skill you would like to be better at?

hi there,
when i was in high school i didnt work as a part timer, part of the reason because i was still in school and my parent wont let me to do it. But, now i am doing my part time job!

Hi, for myself i really want to master in art especially in art painting and music instrument. But, i don’t really sure that i can do both at the same time so i gave myself a choice that i want to master in music instrument so that’s why i started to learn how to play violin.