What are the counselling services like in INTI?

When students are seeking guidance for mental help or just need someone to vent to, a good option for this problem is to seek a counselor. But what are the experiences like to speak to a counselor in INTI College? What kind of questions do they ask? Are they helpful? Has anyone gotten better after talking to the counselor? Do kindly tell.


Hi Athirah :star_struck:

I love this question! Yes, I used the counseling service before, and it was very helpful.

At first, it was difficult. You know, to completely open up your personal life to a stranger. However, you can trust counselors in INTI to be private about these matters.

You can expect a lot of

  1. Why do you think
  2. How do you feel
  3. Is there anything
  4. When
  5. What do you think triggered

In my case, I was really tired of life, felt that life was so unfair. I had the scholarship to maintain, and my aunt who was poor was having a stroke and my mum needed strong moral and financial support from my end. I could not really focus as I had to do so many things at once. I had to maintain my grades, go to the hosp, find ways to collect the donation and be there for my mum, the sole caretaker, alongside many family dramas. I was confused about what to prioritize. YES. The sessions help, it helped me to see things more objectively and understand my thought process a bit better.

It helped me to let go of things, and in general to be a less anxious person. I think it still helps me today.