What are the best things UUM can offers?

As i am speaking now, I am entering my third year studying Bsc in Economics and Accounting in UUM. I am pretty sure my new semester going to be tough compare to the past two semester, but seriously i cannot wait! For 2 years UUM has been my second home and has always provide me with a lot of opportunities and great experience!

UUM is one of the university that located in middle of jungle (read: known as universiti rimba hijau), it is going to take you about 15 minutes to reach to the Sintok town and 30 minutes to Arau, Perlis. I won’t be lying that i loved the serenity and peace that my university can offers, away from chaos of the city. It is really a great place to study. Trust me that you are not that stuck even though you are not in the city! Because UUM offers a lot of things such as our very own shopping malls, go-kart, sauna, golf club, tennis court, pusat kesihatan (read: in case you got sick) and a lot more.

In UUM there is also international school for the foreign student that study in there. Plus, you got a chance to have a class with foreign student if you kinda someone who wants to get in to the world and try something new! In addition, there are also a lot of things going on for instance inasis carnival that will happen for every semester. There will be a lot of foods and things will be selling at that time! On the November, for every year there will be a convocation going on. At that time you will be seeing pesta konvokasyen (read: PESKON) and of course there will be a concert and big carnival at that time! (i have always looking forward for this time every single year :slight_smile: )

UUM is also better known as the eminent management universities in Malaysia and we placed top 10 for the best universities ranking in Malaysia. Our flagship program are Accounting program ( read: uum offer two accounting program first is pure account and second accounting with ict (Accounting information system ) where we only choose the best and the brightest among the student in Malaysia. Majorities that got in got CGPA 3.8 and above.

Overall, what i have experience in UUM for 2 years could not been more better than this, I believe that other universities experience the same things but in a different ways. (i would love to share stories with my people that studying at different universities )INTRODUCTION VIDEO OF UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA