What about Student ID?

HELP university provides each person with a student ID which is highly important at various occasions.

a. Upon entering HELP campuses for classes. One needs to show their student ID.

b. During your examinations

c. When wanting to lend a book from the library

d. When accessing other HELP university, facilities.

The student ID is a valuable asset one should consider during ones study in HELP, since it is crucial in allowing one to access HELP’s property. If one misplaces their student ID, they can change it at the registrar, upon paying a RM50 fine.

Have you ever gotten into trouble without it? What if we forget to bring?

I lost my student ID once, I had to pay a penalty fee.
I also did not bring my student ID to uni a few times, however the guards at times allowed me to pass, but most times required me to fill up their record book to ensure safety.

during exams was the worst of my experiences, I forgot to bring my student ID and it was a moment where I was literally screaming in my head, I NEED HELP!!! but my lecturer graciously allowed me to use my IC instead to sit for the exam, under one condition that I bring it the next time.

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