Ways I Discovered What I Like in Study

Sometimes we might hesitate about what we want and really like in study. But actually there are some ways to discover and knowing what and where you should go for.

In study,
I was doing my foundation in IT from UNITAR, There is a good study environment But during second semester, I felt that syllabus were just difficult and I cannot handle well. So I met consultant and had a long discussion about changing course in degree program.

For my degree program in KDU,
I decided to take Business course but I am not a “number person” so I had done various kind of researches about business courses that do not come across number and calculation that much. Such as Management. Business and Commercial Law, Logistic. Because During degree year two we are required to select major course in our program so I took Business with Law as the course is really suitable for me and I am okay scoring it.

Here is the ways I discovered what I like in study. How about yours?