Useful tips on how to balance study and work

Many students do take on part time work to earn some pocket money while studying. However, juggling study,exams, assignments and work can be very hard and stressful. It can be a real challenge as well. Although difficult, it is quite possible to balance study and work.

Here are some useful tips to help balance work and study.

  1. Don’t over-commit
    How many hours you choose to work each week depends on how much you feel you’re ready to take on and how much free time your course permits. The important thing is to take some time to consider how much time you’re able to put in before making any commitments, it’s a lot harder to go back once you’ve given your word. You should never take on more than you think you can handle.

  2. Know your calendar
    Make sure you know all the important dates coming up in your course calendar, such as assignment deadlines and exam dates so that you can easily see your busy periods and plan accordingly.Finding a job with regular shifts can help in this instance, as it’s easier to manage your time when you’re working the same days and times each week.

  3. Begin working on a school assignment as soon as it’s assigned
    Many of us tend to wait until the last minute to begin our assignment and end up pulling all-nighters that leave us tired and drained at work. Instead of setting ourselves up for a stressful situation, simply start working on a school assignment as soon as possible. Get the momentum going by taking small steps such as thoroughly reading and understanding the assignment, jotting down a few ideas for a paper topic, or conducting some basic research online.

So, what are your secrets to work-study balance?


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