Upm interview experience (tesl)

Hello, I am back!
Same as always, too lazy to make a blog but want to share my interview experience so that it could be easily searched. So here I am.

I live in Sarawak so the interview for UPM is at UNIMAS City Campus. So the interview and the process is quite straight forward so I’ll just cut to the chase on it, do note that just because it is so during my time of interview it might vary on different times.

1)There wasn’t mock teaching.
2)They will speak in MALAY during the start of the interview.
3)They will ask a few questions which requires research.
4)They asked about my talent, and it doesn’t stop there, they will ask you to show it.

Questions asked:
1)Tell me about yourself, your family background and why you choose TESL (in BM)
2)Who is the ministry of education?
3)What are the recent issues regarding education?
-I answered the mental health of students and some examples of the news like the increase of suicide cases regarding students.
4)Why do you think that happened?
-I think its because of the pressure and expectations from their parents, teachers and peer which causes stress and affects their mental health.
5)If you are a teacher, how will you prevent it from happening?
6)What are your talents? Do you have any talents?
Drawing, (and so they asked me to draw anything on the whiteboard)
7)Do you think drawing can help in learning?
8)What makes you special? Why do we need to choose you?

So that’s all that I remember, the interview is very straight forward in a way but also unpredictable at times because they ask you questions based on your answer, so it really all just depends.

As a bonus, here are the other complied questions I had that are from other universities of the same course and possible answers you could use:

  1. How to make (your subject) fun (in my opinion most efficient and quick way is to use visual aids, videos drawings etc, other ways is visit exhibition, use games etc)
  2. your personal experience
  3. How to make students respect you as a teacher and what would you do if the student does not respect you
  4. What changes will you make if you are a menteri pendidikan?

If you have time:

  1. Read through Malaysia educational blueprint
  2. Read through other programme that can train teachers

In a cute little nutshell, just make sure you do your research and be prepare for the unexpected!