UPM Freshies. 3 Basic Things You Need to Know

September is coming and all of those Bachelor’s Degree candidates who are waiting for the UPU result to be out must be nervous as it’ll be out around next week! ! ! Oh My God!

Okay, calm down cause I am here to comfort you now. Really? :smirk:

For those who are applying for UPM and wanted to be in UPM to further your Bachelor’s Degree, I am here to give you a little bit of overview on what do you need to know/happen on your first year. :grin: :grin:

1. College

No. Don’t be confuse just yet. College is not like another learning places that you have to go but it is what we called for the students residential. So, how many college were there at UPM?

Ohh yeah. No lying. Now you can imagine how big UPM will be yourself if you never been there. :sunglasses:

The college system here in UPM is a little bit different as compared to other students residents at another university. Basically it was divided by two; Traditional College & Private College. Nope! Don’t get your hope high yet and make your own assumptions. Now, read more. :yum:

Traditional College

  • Mohamad Rashid (KMR)
  • Kedua (K2)
  • Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI)
  • Canselor (KC)
  • Kelima (K5)
  • Keenam (K6)
  • Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman Shah (KOSAS)
  • Tun Perak (KTP)
  • Pendeta Za’ba (KPZ)
  • Ke Sepuluh (K10)
  • Ke Sebelas (K11)
  • Ke Tiga Belas (K13)
  • Ke Tujuh Belas (K17)

Hew~ What a long list right? If your offer letter stated any of these colleges, be thankful. It may be old but it has better facilities. Before I go to its Pros and Cons, let me tell you a little unique thing of some of these college.

Other colleges are a mix gender college where there are specified blocks for male and female student in one college, except for K10 and K11.

The different thing about K10 and K11 are, it is the only college that is on one gender basis. K10 is for male students while K11 is for female students. Got me? These two colleges usually located students who are in engineering and architecture field. Got me?

Now, we shall move to the Pros and Cons of staying at the Traditional College.


  1. Better facilities.
  2. Cheaper
  3. Full with activities


  1. Too much activities (to collect merit)
  2. High chances of getting kicked out (if no enough merit)
  3. Seniority game so strong :smirk:

Private College

It is basically the rest of the college that I have not mentioned above and it is also call as Serumpun College. This is why.

Yup! It is all gathered at one place. And do you know how it feels when all is gathered in one place? Cramped. :cold_sweat:

Guess I’ve changed your perception right? :stuck_out_tongue: I will just move on to its Pros and Cons now.


  1. Never feel empty (cause it’s full with students)
  2. Near to cafe with delicious foods
  3. Provided with ATM machines (which Traditional College don’t have :stuck_out_tongue: )
  4. Don’t have to collect merits and can stay till the end of your study. (Yeay!)


  1. More expensive college fees
  2. Girls have to stay in a room of 4 ( :scream:)
  3. Very limited parking spaces.
  4. Chances of being anti social is high. (up to your decision)

The decision to be happy with you colleges is now yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

2. Orientation

So, what have you heard about orientation? Boring? Ragging? Tiring? Well, it is partly true. :see_no_evil:

In UPM, we called the orientation week as Minggu Perkasa Putra. Please, do not skip this orientation week as it will give you a lot of information OR you’ll be a lost student on your first year. Keep on reading as I’ll provide you more interesting info. :wink:


This is a very normal issue to all the first year students. Believe me, here in UPM, the greatest ragging you’ll ever received is to stay up all nights learning the cheers and preparation for Malam Tunas Budaya. Yup, that’s it. No such thing as standing with one hand and etc.


Cheers is like a very important thing to the seniors as it feels like the pride for the college. Its like a competition with no winning trophy with other colleges. It will be held at PKKSSAAS or what we called Dewan Besar. You’ll see that the noisiest and loudest cheering college will be from K10. This is because its an all male college. So, learn your cheers right and loud enough to beat them. :muscle:

Malam Tunas Budaya

It will be held on the last day of orientation where you, as the new comers has to perform for all the students in UPM. It will be a cultural activities involving either singing, dancing or acting. The theme will be different every years. So, just wait what will it be on your years. Those with talents and high enthusiasm in cultural activities or performing arts shall express yourself and volunteer to join this. It will be one of the best memories of yours.

To add on, this is actually a competition between the colleges. Each colleges will always try hard to be the champion for every year. Give it all in! Afterall, you have nothing to lose. :wink:

3. Transportation Services

So, the orientation has done and you have to start attending your classes now. So, what option do you have? Let me give you the list. :blush:


For a freshie, bus will be your main mean of transportation. Bear in mind that there are high chances in feeling like a suffocated sardine in a tuna can.

Now, let me enlighten you on how the bus services work around UPM

K5, KTP, KPZ Bus

This bus will be for students staying at K5, KTP, KPZ, K2, K6 and KTDI. It will go around the campus stopping at every bustop except for Serumpun College bustop and the bustop at Kompleks Akademik A (KAA). This bus will also stop in front of K13 college.

Kolej Serumpun / K12,K14,K15,K16,KMR Bus

This bus works the same as the other bus I’ve mentioned earlier except that it will not stop at the Putra Food Court bustop.

Again, this bus will also stop at K13. Don’t you think K13 students are the luckiest when it comes to bus services? They can just step in on which bus that arrived first.

South City/KTM Serdang Bus

This can be the most wanted bus especially on the weekends.

This is the only bus that connect UPM students to the outside world. It is no charge but REMEMBER! Don’t forget to bring your Student Card along or you won’t be allowed to get in. :smirk:

For K17 students, they will have their own special bus for this type of bus cause their college is way too far from the campus. It will only be for them, the K17 students.

This bus have two different routes on weekdays and on weekends.

On the weekdays, this bus will only take tour on the campus and not on the colleges except for K10 and K11. Why K10 and K11 is because the college is situated a little bit outside the campus. So for other colleges students, you can take your college bus and stop at any bustop in the college and wait for this bus to come. Same goes when youre going back from the outside. :grinning:

Luckily, on the weekends, this bus will go inside the colleges too. Yeaay! So, you guys don’t have to trouble yourself to go to the campus first. :grin:

REMINDER! you might lost your chance to board on the bus on your first try if you don’t have enough strong will. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Agrobio Bus

This is a bus where it takes you to the Faculty of Agriculture. The reason why they have separate bus for this faculty is because this faculty is located outside of the campus.

Seeing a lot of places that are currently outside of the campus? This is because it is so big that some faculties and colleges are placed outside of the campus.

K10/K11 Bus & K17 Bus

The route of this bus will only cover a full tour of the campus and its respective college only.


Wait up! Let me explain. Bicycles are not provided but you can buy it cheaper than its normal price with your rebate that can reach up to RM300.

UPM has started it Green Campus campaign since 2014 that covered cycling within the campus.

Special paths were made for the students who want to cycle to class. To those college I did not mention its name on the buses service, they can either walk or cycle to class cause their faculty is within walking distance. :grin:

Car / Motorcycle

If you wanted to bring your own vehicles, you are only eligible to apply for the stickers if you are on your third year. :v:

the logo you’ll often see on reports

As a freshie, you have now covered the things you need to know. Make sure to remember it well to have a successful freshman year in UPM! :kissing_cat:

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Now I doubt if the words “within walking distance” means 2 hours of walking.
I guess I’ve to prepare a bike. Where can students buy the bike huh? Usually how much it cost?

Haha! Not that cruel until 2 hours of walking. Within walking distance will be around 10 - 30 minutes. We have shortcuts. :wink: I’ve tried myself. :grin: :v:

And UPM Holding sells the bikes at its UPM Holding Cooperation which is located inside the UPM Campus. The cost will be from as low as RM99. :grin: The only problem you’ll be facing when buying it is the availability of the stocks.

err… 30mins… i guess this is how i look after walking 10 mins

whoah~ that’s cheap. Is there any bike service center too? What if tayar pomcat huh?

Although it is cheap. I can tell that if you happen to not have a car in UPM, you will be very fit as you need to walk constantly

Tayar pomcat? was that supposed to mean tayar pancit? :sweat_smile: Yup. UPM is near to Sri Serdang where there are a lot of shops including the service center. You can always ask help from your office college if there are any problems too. :grin:

Haha! True that. Or you gonna build a higher level of patience when taking the buses. :v:

Is it really true that the girls in Serumpun College have to stay in four bedded rooms? I’ll be studying in upm soon and I got College 14.