University Confession Page


I have friends told me that confession page is one of the greatest invention in human history cause they get to become anonymous to voice out whatever they want and people in the group actually pay attention to it. Well…don’t forget the one who created that page can tell exactly who you are, ‘Dear Anonymous’. That’s not the most interesting part i heard about confession page. There’s another friend told me that the confession page is a place for people to do story telling. People sometimes do not actually have so many thing to complaint or story to tell, somehow some of them got too bored and think of some interesting funny stories to post. And, what they do next is stay back and look what are the responses from people. When they heard people in the campus talk about the stories they made up in a very serious way, they will laugh at the side. Well… whatever it is, just do not take too serious about the funny posts on confession page. #Peace


In my opinion, the confession page has it pro and cons. For instance, the UTHM trolls has may funny posts but sometimes it seems to show the truth face of the university. You can troll but need to think about it whether it is bad or not.


Just wandering what if the confession page is create by your uni management team and they secretly know who are the people that dislike them …:fearful: