UNITEN Programmes | Malaysia

Here are some of the programmes available at UNITEN:

Foundation Programmes
Foundation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Foundation in Electrical Power Engineering
Foundation in Mechanical Engineering
Foundation in Civil Engineering
Foundation in Computer Science
Foundation in Information Technology
Foundation in Accounting
Foundation in Finance
Foundation in Business

Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Mechanical Eng​ineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineer​ing
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Business Studies
Diploma of Accountancy
Diploma in Finance

Undergraduates Programmes
Bachelor of Civil En​gineering (Hons)
Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic​s Engineering (Hons)
Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons)
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons)
Bachelor of Computer and Co​mmunication Engineering (Hons)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) (Hons)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics & Multimedia) (Hons)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems & Networking) (Hons)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) (Hons)
​Bachelor of Accounting (Honours)
Bachelor of Finance (Honours)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Human Resource Management
Bachelor of International Business (Honours)

College of Graduate Studies

PhD in Engineering
Master of Electrical Engineering
Master of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering
Master of Electronics and Systems Engineering
Master of Communications Systems Engineering

PhD in Information and Communication Technology
Master of Information Technology
Master of Software Engineering

PhD in Business Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Accounting
Master of Science in Finance
Master in Engineering Management

PhD in Industrial Science
Master of Industrial Science