Hello everyone! So I went to an interview at UNIMAS for design technology a few weeks ago, so I’m just going to talk briefly about it while it is still (kind of) fresh in my mind. Hopefully this thread will be easy to find through google so that those who needs to do their research before the interview can find this easily.

For those who are applying for any interview that is related to art (eg. design technology, architecture, animation etc.) do remember to bring your art supplies and portfolio! For UNIMAS they will provide to you the drawing paper.

Also, take note of the location that the interview is held is, I went to the main campus on the day of the interview at KOTA SAMARAHAN when it is supposed to be just around my house at the city campus. So I ended up being very amazingly late to the interview. (So don’t sesat like me lol)

So before the actual interview, they will test your drawing skills at a given time, in which I do not know because I was late. (I asked the person beside me about it but then she sesat and late like me too) before the day of the interview I did my research, couldn’t find any info from the interview from unimas so I searched for other universities, most of them requires the candidates to draw a chair. Simple, right? Having an image of a nice a comfy chair in my mind, imagine my shock when I went in to the room and saw this:

So yeah, I drew very quickly and managed to finish it, didn’t manage to take a picture of it though. I drew almost everything that was placed, but then I took a peek and some candidates only drew specific items. They will collect your drawings afterwards.

After the test, they will call you for the interview one by one. The interviewers are all very nice and friendly and they try their best to create a relaxing atmosphere for you so don’t worry! So when it was my turn, they started the interview by explaining the course, and they will ask you the questions afterwards.

1)Why did you choose this course/ why are you interested in taking this course?
2)Do you know how to use any programme related to design? (eg. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc)
3)What is your favourite designer/ Do you know any designers? (Local designers & designers outside of Malaysia)
4)Who are your favorite artists? (Historical)

So that’s pretty much what I remember, I answered the questions well because fortunately I have a crash course session with my sister who is a graphic designer so it helped a lot. All in all its like a friendly conversation rather than a very tense interview. The interviewer was kind enough to give me some tips for the future and advises so it really leaves a good impression.

1)Don’t be sesat, double check your location, google map it (THE FULL ADDRESS)
2)Prepare art supplies and portfolio
3)Prepare to draw
4)DO YOUR RESEARCH (Historical & modern-day artists, designers in malaysia and other countries)

Not sure if I would get accepted to the university or not but it is definitely a good experience! Good luck to those who are applying for it and all the best!