UM included in the Top 30 Universities in Asia

Good news!

QS has released the list of the Top 300 Universities in Asia, and in 2015, UM ranked number 29 besting all other universities here in Malaysia. Last year, it ranked number 31. So it means that UM quality of education is becoming better than the rest of Asia. You guys, have any thoughts about this?

UM is really good providing Korean students here English language courses. I think they are one of the best really.

Yes, UM is a very good research university (Best public-uni in Malaysia for sure). Their Post-grad courses are very broad and the lecturers are mostly Professors from many countries.

Overall good news for Malaysia as far as education’s concerned. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) also ranked 49th in Asia. If you look at UM’s lecturers’ educational background, they’ve most if not all posses degrees from overseas; Australia, Britain, US. UM really deserves it I think. #worldstagemy

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I guess you can also include UPM on the list, I heard they are pretty good in the sciences too because of their extensive research. But UM is definitely a good university since they have as far as I know, good facilities to cater to students when it comes to research. I would like to believe that although it is government school, the students are also highly competitive. In fact, we hire a lot of UM students and graduates as interns and full-time here at Easyuni.