UCSI's own Grand Hotel (good for your family to stay when visiting)

Do you know that we have a hotel just a walk away from our classrooms?

The Le Quadri Hotel, located at Block E of our South Wing campus, offers comfortable stay with full amenities to its guests. There are also three high-quality restaurants, city transportation and exercise facilities available for the pleasant staying experience of the guests. Moreover, the splendid Le Quadri Ballroom is a popular spot for many of our university events as well as other public events.

The global students find it especially helpful when their families are here to have a vacation in Kuala Lumpur. Indeed, our global buddies can easily meet up with their dearest family members right after their classes!

So, if you’re an international student studying or planning to study in UCSI University, where would you bring your family for a trip in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere in Malaysia?


Also there’ll be the longest night market in KL on Wednesdays so if you’re gonna to stay over at the Le Quadri Hotel, you may wish to have a visit to the night market!

Staying at Le Quadri Hotel is convenient for you to go everywhere, where just a 10 minute drive/grab to nearest shopping mall such as Cheras Leisure Mall and EkoCheras Mall which are link to the MRT station.