Types of public transport that you can take to INTI College Subang


As a fresh graduate in secondary school, if transportation is a crucial part of you choosing your ideal college, then INTI College Subang would be a good choice for you to consider for. This is because there are a few numbers of ways to get to this particular college.

Firstly, if you are living in Puchong area, you might also get free transport to INTI College Subang. This SJ02 bus is the bus which will transport you all the way to INTI, and it is for free!

Secondly, Do not worry as there are still a few choices; for example, a LRT station that is reachable within walking distance. The LRT is almost the best public transportation as it covers all the areas in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Last but not least, there is a KTM station nearby located in Subang Jaya; for this, students can use the KTM and go to this particular station, and there will be free INTI shuttle bus on duty to fetch the students to college based on fixed schedule. In conclusion, there are many types of public transportation that you can take to come to INTI College Subang, so it is a good choice for the fresh graduates to consider registering for this college.